Central McGowan COVID-19 Response – MAR 17

WE’RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak continues to spread throughout the communities where we live and work, we are committed to finding ways to quickly adapt to the situation. We are closely monitoring new developments, actively overcoming challenges, and working to best serve you while protecting the health and safety of our employees as well as yours.

We are open to working virtually or remotely to continue to supply the critical supplies you need. Please let your account/sales manager know what changes in delivery and on-site access you may be requiring. We will be reaching out to you as well.

• We are recommending “touch-free” order/delivery receipt approval. Our route sales reps/drivers can simply print the customer name on an order vs. having the receiver touch and hold on a handheld for approval. However, admin at your offices must be informed that signatures will not be visible.
• We’re working with our supplier-partners to order ahead where possible on items that may require longer lead times than usual. We’ll keep you posted on any items that we may experience difficulty getting in stock. We are focusing on the critical-to-your-business gases and supplies.
• We’ve increased our sanitation/disinfecting procedures and processes.
• We’re limiting in-person meetings and visits to reduce potential exposure.
• We have a business continuity plan in place to ensure coverage of all of our critical-to-mission roles and services to you and timely communication of new developments and changes.

Since our founding, we’ve been about doing what’s right for our people, customers and community. Presently, that means continuing “business as usual” as much as possible. It is hard to know what more changes will come as this situation evolves, but we are actively preparing and committed to doing whatever possible to minimize the impact of this situation.

We all will likely be faced with difficult decisions resulting from COVID-19. We’ve always been deliberate and transparent when making any significant decisions about our business. This current situation is no different.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will act decisively and communicate quickly should we make any business changes that affect you or your business. We ask that you do the same for us as much as it is possible.

We will continue to work closely with our teams, customers, supplier-partners and public health/city officials to understand how to best proceed, and share information as quickly as we can. Please keep in mind that we sell dry ice and critical medical products for cold storage/transport, cleaning and healthcare operations.

In closing, thank you for your continued partnership and support as we move forward into a future that’s hard to predict and foreign to us all.

Stay well and take care of one another.

Sincerely, Joe Francis, CEO/President & Our Central McGowan Family