Time and time again our expansive range of services and products have been proven to promote growth and efficiencies within the companies we're lucky enough to call our customers.

We've strategically broadened our services and our product offering to be able to serve more and more businesses, and we're showing no signs of slowing.

The passionate minds behind Central McGowan will continue to increase our bandwidth within the industries we currently serve and propel us into new ones.


MANUFACTURING: Whether a manufacturing customer needs bulk gas, process application improvements, equipment, supplies or service, we've got them covered. We've made our mark in this industry by not only treating our customers like friends but also giving them more than what they expect. Our experience in robotics and automation has largely impacted this particular industry. From new plasma cutting systems to the installation of a state-of-the-art robot, we thoroughly enjoy helping manufacturers make the transition to a more efficient workplace. Whether training employees at your facility or at our one of a kind training center the choice is yours.


CONSTRUCTION: Construction industry customers are always looking for solutions to increase functionality and performance, which is why they turn to us. Our expertise in gases, welding supply and cutting equipment allows us to make quality recommendations and implement the proper solutions they're seeking–ultimately yielding them savings, in addition to increased workplace efficiency. The construction industry can yield savings through our rental program. Helmets, masks, gloves and the like are typically in stock or a short order away. Our variety of safety products makes for a quick and easy one-stop shopping experience.

Engineer Working With Apprentices On Factory Floor

EDUCATION: We serve educational institutions by installing the best equipment on the market into their shops, learning labs, clinical practice rooms and more. With high-quality machinery, supplies and bulk gas solutions that cut costs, improve energy efficiencies and increase productivity in the classroom, the number of educational industry customers we work with is rising each year. You can find our bulk gases serving many dental hygiene and mechanic programs while our welding, cutting and production equipment is found in numerous manufacturing and applied engineering classrooms statewide.

Image of a medical oxygen regulator hung on the wall

MEDICAL: Bulk medical gases are essential in every healthcare facility. We supply Liquid Oxygen for patients requiring supplemental oxygen through a mask, Nitrous Oxide for anesthetic purposes, Nitrogen to power surgical equipment and Carbon Dioxide to inflate or suspend tissues during surgery – just to name a few. We're proud to serve the healthcare industry because it impacts everyone. We have everything from small individual cylinders to Dura-Cyls and Micro-Bulk to substantial bulk systems ranging from 500-11,000 gallons. All orders are transported and delivered on-time by our company-owned fleet of transport trucks.


GOVERNMENT: We’re proud to support our home state of Minnesota through our federal, state and local government agency contracts, including manufacturers that support defense contractors. We supply defense contractors with safety equipment, maintenance and repair equipment, and emergency responder medical supplies. Providing Minnesota with reliable service, even when its weather is often unreliable, includes maintaining roads that are often assaulted by hard weather and stressful conditions. We fight back with a steady supply of maintenance and repair products, and equipment for state; county and municipal DOT facilities.


FOOD & BEVERAGE: Bubbly, fizzy and refreshing drinks. That's what our food and beverage industry customers turn to us for. We're able to provide bulk beverage Carbon Dioxide (CO2) systems for a more efficient, cost-effective and safer method to carbonating soda and beer. In today's fast-paced food service operation, finding time and manpower to change out a CO2 tank that's empty or has gone down is a challenge. Our Bulk CO2 systems eliminate high-pressure cylinder change-out and gas outages during peak rush periods, enable better use of storage space and ensure the flow of CO2 is never interrupted.


POWER & UTILITIES: We work to deliver the best service to our manufacturers, so they can deliver the same to their customers. This begins by working with them to qualify them for energy credit rebates from their local utility company. Passing on more affordable power to everyone. Our impressive distribution capabilities supply a wide array of products to multiple types of providers. Wind, nuclear and coal power generation providers can all count on us to make sure their needs are met. We’re also able to provide contracts with companies that manufacture turbine generation and high voltage transmission lines. We’ll work hard to make sure your energy options are limitless.


SMALL BUSINESS: From helium to local floral shops, oxygen to small town auto repair shops, and abrasives to the at-home hobbyist, we truly believe no business is too small to benefit from our services. Shaping and guiding a business to utilize more efficient methods is applicable whether you’re a shop of 1 or a shop of 100.

Small business customers we serve:

  • Floral Shops
  • Auto Body & Service Centers
  • Dental Clinics