This is where you'll find some common troubleshooting tools and advice for your bulk CO2/beverage carbonation systems.

  1. Check the pressure readings on the regulator:  (R) LOW pressure gauge should read between 80 to 110 LBS. (L) HIGH pressure gauge should read 700 to 1,200 LBS.
  2. Make sure valve below the regulator is in the OPEN or in-line position.
  3. Has there been abnormal demand on the CO2 system (higher than usual fountain drink sales)?
  4. Have there been any leaks on syrup pumps?
  5. Always change out Bag-in-Box when empty.
  6. If you have leaks on soda lines or pumps CALL Coke or Pepsi ASAP.

If you are still having problems, call us!

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