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Central McGowan

Heavy Duty, Rubber-Lined Parts Tumbler


This PARTS Tumbler is the show floor model and in NEW CONDITION.  Efficiently and effectively de-burs stainless steel aluminum and steel.  Able to use any media: sand, metal, other grit material, or tumbler compound.  Maximum weight limit: 250 lbs. for ALL units.  Measures:: 36” Wide x 24”.  It includes the following:

  • Single-phase, 110-volt
  • Quarter-inch, 11-gauge octagon side walls
  • Ultra-quiet, 3/4-HP electric motor
  • 40:1 gear box
  • Drum opening: 8.5″ x 28″
  • 30-Day Warranty

Located in our St. Cloud Retail store, but can be delivered to our Little Falls or Burnsville location.

NOTE:  A larger 48” Wide x 24” is also available to order for purchase for $2,675.00 and CUSTOM BUILD options from the manufacturer (options include drum size, length [flat to flat], and 3-phase or single-phase).  Custom units require 2-3 weeks lead time.  Prices vary based on specifications.

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