Our roots go back to 1947 when McGowan Welding Supply of Little Falls opened for business.  Soon after, Central Welding Supply of St. Cloud was established as a small supplier of welding equipment and gases.  The two companies later joined forces in the mid-60s to form Central McGowan Inc. Its been through the efforts of dedicated employees, changes in  business methods, and software development that we've grown our services and product offering to reach more than 40,000 square miles of Minnesota.

Today, we have offices in St. Cloud, Little Falls and Burnsville, with stockpoints and dealers in nearly 70 locations statewide. We're family owned with local roots and proud of it. After decades of doing business, we still believe quality and integrity is the key to our success.

  • We buy quality products from leading manufacturers who we trust.
  • We employ quality people with exceptional work ethics.
  • We have quality values that always put our customers first.

Our definition of "service" is unlike that of our competition. In fact, we've redefined it as "value-added service," meaning we're not only providing you with tools, but solutions that will ultimately elevate your business to reach its maximum efficiency. Whether you're a contracted customer or a home hobbyist, we'll take your goals seriously and we'll do what it takes to help you reach them. No fluff or sales tricks, just what's best for you and your company. 


To be the highest quality, most respected; distributor of gases, equipment, supplies and manufacturer of custom automation and robotic systems, with an admirable service-oriented staff of dedicated people.


To create a committed working and personal relationship with our customers and provide a multitude of avenues though which they can procure our products and services, while maintaining the highest level of customer support from our expert staff with honesty, integrity and a hands-on leadership approach.


To be admired for our customer service solutions capabilities. We are a  company that provides the highest level of value added customer service to every customer big or small.  Honesty, respect and reliability at help each customer better themselves or their businesses is our utmost concern.

To be admired for our technological capabilities. We work every day to bring the latest advances in technology to our customer's knowledge.  Whatever segment of our business you are working with at Central McGowan, we will make sure to bring you the most advanced tools to get the job done.

To be admired for our people.  Our staff is the most important asset in our business and central McGowan is committed to providing a working environment that promotes success, happiness and positivity throughout all channels.  We want people to notice OUR people!

To be admired for our performance.  We know everyone is busy and getting the right products at the right time is important.  Central McGowan will work tirelessly every day to make sure that your questions are answered, products are delivered and services are complete.

To be admired for our hands-on leadership and community relations.  All leadership within Central McGowan is committed to the success of our customers, people and vendors.  A dedicated hands-on approach is the only way to make sure each one of our stakeholders, communities included, are considered every day we promote our great organization.